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The primary portion of my practice is devoted to individual and family therapy.  It should be noted that I do not provide general, supportive therapy.  That is, my intent is to provide more than just a place to vent - I want to provide tools for change and help people activate the process of forward momentum.

A good assessment is crucial for determining a correct diagnosis, which in turn informs the specific type of treatment. I am trained in assessing a wide range of psychological disorders from Attention-Deficit and Autistic-Spectrum disorders, to specific types of Dementia syndromes and other cognitive defecits.


The first session usually consists of a clinical interview which provides a good understanding of your current situation, as well as some of the historical factors that may be contributing to the presenting problem.  We also discuss my treatment approach and begin to develop a plan for change.  

Following the initial appointment, I typically see clients weekly for three to five sessions in order to start the treatment process. Specifically, we begin to identify and discuss how old ways of thinking and/or behaving are creating problems.  We then develop, practice, and implement targeted interventions and assess the results.  As you begin to develop more adaptive response options we re-evaluate progress and therapy goals.  

Ultimately, I want to work myself out of a job as soon as is clinically responsible in order for my clients to learn that they are the real source of change.


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